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Stay Hungry My Friend.

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Meet Chef Eddie G

A magical blend between the roughness and strength of steel and bricks in New York City and the wonderful scent of spices and flavors from around the world describe Chef Eddie G, lead chef, and partner at Locavore Ventures, a culinary experience agency based in LA, NY, Dallas, and Philly.


New York’s unparalleled melting pot and veracity, coupled with flavors from 18 different countries proved to be the perfect ingredients for Chef Eddie G’s signature delights. Born and bred in the city that never sleeps among a rich immigrant community to Irish and German parents, afforded a young Eddie access to herbs, spices, and sauces that lit up his taste buds opening an entirely new culinary world.


Eddie’s first project was as his mother’s “sous chef.” Just a boy, he stood on a wooden stool to help her prepare family dinner. A love affair with food quickly ensued and in high school, Eddie took his first job at a cozy Italian restaurant, where he witnessed the magic in feeding guests with a good meal and the power it has in bringing people together.


“A true chef has to love hospitality as much as they enjoy preparing the dish.” said Chef Eddie G. “I learned this as a young man and it has driven my passion for this industry ever since. ”After graduating from high school, Eddie attended the prestigious Johnson & Wales Culinary School and with little time to transition, he went from “the pan into the fire” traveling all over the world as a chef and quickly moving on to managing three restaurants and more than 100 employees in South Carolina.

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Cooking Local

with Chef Eddie G

Cooking Local with Chef Eddie G is a step-by-step guide on how to replicate some of Chef Eddie G’s favorite dishes, ranging from mouth-watering braised short ribs to a refreshing grilled watermelon salad.

Accompanying each technique, recipe, and instructions are notes from Chef, detailing exclusive personal stories and career highlights. Photos are included of his most memorable encounters with celebrities, special moments caught on film, and savory dishes in all their glory.

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Chef Eddie

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